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The events represent a lever of communication that allows the "direct" contact (face to face) with internal public, dealers, consumers or spectators, transmitting in an innovative way, without intermediaries, the worlds reference to a brand or a promoter .

The organization of events is the application of management policies necessary to the creation and production of events of a commercial character, cultural, celebratory, relational. It is a sector in constant growth since 2000 has become one of the strategic and operational levers that must be applied in the context of integrated communication in developing any communication plan.

The manufacturing industry can design and develop events of all sizes, from the organization of an Olympic Ceremony until the working lunch for a few select people. From a PR event up to a big product launch with thousands of participants. Every brand, company, institution, locality, non-profit association, the Organizing Committee, the community, in fact organizes events in order to create visibility and awareness, generate profits, celebrate an event, raise funds, give volume to an emotion.

L ' organization of events analyzed the complexity of a brand or a context, objectives, identifies a target audience, an idea the concept of the event, identifies the location , check out the budget , plan logistics , coordinates all technical aspects productive and aimed at its implementation.

The organization event is considered one of the tools of marketing and communication inside and outside of companies of all sizes. From a product launch press conferences, companies create promotional events to communicate with internal audiences, with the sales network, with current and potential customers, journalists and opinion leaders . Some companies try to reach your target audience by optimizing the use of the media, in order to generate media coverage of the event that will reach large groups of consumers. Some companies encourage their consumers to their events to the end-user to get in touch with the brand. The events are in fact often used to make tangible marketing efforts advertising.

In the world of business you operate from small gatherings up to the great Convention .

These are the operational areas of reference, of which the first 3 relate to events in a distinctly commercial:

1.Eventi to audiences internal (corporate) have the aim of involving the staff of a company or institution taking it to know and share a common project, to feel part of the process, the objectives and strategies.

2.Eventi turned to trading partners (trade) They are used to increase the volume, quality, and business opportunities. They must convey solidity, concreteness, positivity, proximity, enhancing the validity of the commercial and economic returns possible on a personal level, setting goals and volumes.

3.Eventi to audiences outside (consumer) have the goal of fedelizzare the market, attracting new partners. Allow us to look into the eyes of consumers, making it enter into her world, transmitting, beyond the words, valoriali elements that will enable her to build stable relationships with him and instinctive.

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Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2002]
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I have been involved with gatherings of tens, hundreds, and even a couple of thousand folks at a time – but this event, here in Porto Alegre, is truly extraordinary.
We all owe the organizers our thanks and continuing support – and for me, to be able to come here, meet so many wonderful people, learn from so many wonderful people, and even try to offer some useful comments to so...

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