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Fall 2013 Published: August 28,2013 at 1:38Jean-François Cloutier The 2013-1014 programming looks high in color TV +,the most popular in Quebec chain fiction! Several new exclusive await fans of fiction,such as Scandal,Elementary,Vegas and the new original production The Godmother. Followers of the chain will be filled by the return of their favorite shows with new seasons.

An exemplary woman (The Good Wife) + Series presents,exclusively,the third season of this award-winning American television series (Golden Globe for best actress Julianna Margulies,Emmy for Best Supporting Actress Archie Punjabi).Many turnarounds in perspective,while Alicia resumed service as a lawyer in a reputable firm where she has to prove himself,while recovering from infidelity of her husband.On Thursday,August 29 at 20 pm.The Marraine_showbiz

The Godmother: Inspired by a true story,this miniseries investigation original production starring Claudia Ferri,in the role of Paloma,a Colombian immigrant fearless,devoted mother,jailed for cocaine trafficking in the 90s.Patrice Godin,David Savard and Evelyne Brochu are also part of the distribution.To see this winter.

Scandal: Created by Shonda Rimes (Grey's Anatomy,Private Practice),the popular series Scandal featuring actress Kerry Washington (Django Unchained) in the role of energetic Olivia Pope,who heads a cabinet crisis management after have been communications director of the president of the United States with whom she still maintains an ambiguous relationship ... To see this winter.

Elementary: The followers of investigations will follow New York adventures of this Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) reinvented with a woman in the role of Watson (Lucy Liu),while the famous detective turns to an heir taken with drug problems.To see this winter.

Vegas: Based on a true story,the series features the character of Ralph Lamb,a professional rodeo became sheriff of Las Vegas between 1961 and 1979.Alongside Dennis Quaid,several major players are part of the cast,including Michael Chiklis,Carrie-Ann Moss and Jason O'Mara.To see this winter.

Aidan Black (French version Cracked) lead viewers into a whirlwind of action and unusual events,while the hero of the series,a police officer flair unusual,ex-SWAT specialist,is being reassigned to psychocriminelle a unit.Flanked by his partner,the therapist Daniella Ridley,Aidan will not only unravel the intrigue of such heinous crimes qu'étranges,but found the key to understand the reasoning of several criminals. From Wednesday,August 28 at 20 pm.

Arctic Air: Starring Adam Beach (Law and Order: Sex Crimes,North of the 60th parallel),then the series begins the financial Bobby Martin left a successful career in Vancouver to set foot in Yellowknife,city home,where he intends to help Mel,co-founder of Arctic Air,to save the company he had founded with his late father.Starting Tuesday,August 27 at 23 pm.

Large expected returns

Castle (Season 5): The season looks very spicy,while the beautiful police and the famous writer finally form a couple,for better or for worse.With the famous Nathan Fillion and actress darling of the public,Stana Katic!From Monday,August 26 to 21 h.

Getting Out By Going In Moulin Rouge Hotel History Book
Book (Getting Out By Going In)
2002-02-04 09:42:16 by justyouraveragecitizen

When the Ship Comes in, Democracy is Coming to the USA

When the Ship Comes in,
Democracy Is Coming to the USA
By Michael Albert
[This is a slightly revised transcript of the Testimony Presentation
by Michael Albert delivered at the World Social Forum,
Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2002]
First, I want to thank the organizers of the WSF for having me here to give a personal testimony, and for conceiving and organizing this monumental event.
I have been involved with gatherings of tens, hundreds, and even a couple of thousand folks at a time – but this event, here in Porto Alegre, is truly extraordinary.
We all owe the organizers our thanks and continuing support – and for me, to be able to come here, meet so many wonderful people, learn from so many wonderful people, and even try to offer some useful comments to so...

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