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If the tax law lecture makes too much fun ...

Work in tax? The Julia had never thought possible after graduation. But then they found the tax law lectures so exciting that she wanted to look at KPMG also the dentistry. And which consists of international projects and support the training.

Tax - that sounds a bit dry for many. Why did you choose this profession? If you had told me after graduation that I will be working later in the tax, I would not have thought possible. As a student you know KPMG not usually. I knew that I would in the economy, but was thinking of a company that sells a product. In my study, however, the general tax law course was great fun and so I chose this focus. To make sure that I have decided to really correct, I have completed internships in tax. This confirmed me in my decision - and I am very satisfied.

Julia ist bei KPMG ins Corporate Tax eingestiegen [Quelle: KPMG]

Julia Ratajski (25) studied business law at the University of Siegen, they put their focus on tax law and business taxation. She opted for an internship with KPMG in Cologne. A year ago, Julia rose firmly in the corporate tax.

I am in the Corporate Tax. We advise large and medium enterprises with operational and legal issues from a tax perspective. We develop and examine tax returns tax statements. I currently do not both go in the long term but university graduates into consulting and create only in exceptional cases tax returns. To the tax returns and bookkeeping taken care of before all the tax clerk. On training at KPMG is both.

One client, for example, wanted to expand his business to other countries and how this affects tax extension. Here I've matched me with tax experts from Germany and with colleagues from KPMG offices in the U.S., Canada, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia - which of course was entirely in English. These answers I analyzed, processed and presented to my manager. He has presented the results to the client.

In addition to the tasks described above, I'm also the client-acquisition. I also frequently encountered in recruiting events, which is always a welcome change.

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You will never get a job

With that attitude, you'll never get a job. Here is my response to all of your responses:
1. So you have one friend in your industry. If that friend has any co-workers, former co-workers, or other industry contacts, you can get in with them too. Just ask. Also, go to industry events.
2. Um, how lazy can you be? Call the company, ask them who the VP of HR is. Also, ask who is the head of the department that you would like to work for. Send your info to HR. Call the prospective hiring manager.
3. Not all small business need lots of cash. But this probably isn't for you, since you don't seem to have the work ethic to start your own business

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