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(Electrical) current m
alternating current
→ direct current

(In water) current m
→ The child HAD beens swept out to sea by the current.
The current is very strong. The current is very strong.

(= Trend) trend f
→ ... the fickle currents of theory and fashion.

[Tendency, event, condition, crisis] current (Ic)
→ Who is to blame for the current crisis?
→ The meeting Will debate the current crisis
→ Our current methods of generation are far too expensive.
→ This custom was still current in the 1960s.
[Climate, system] current (Ic)
→ In the current climate of anxiety this policy is sure to fail
→ there are no plan to change the current system
[Year] ongoing
→ They are Predicting pre-tax profits of £ 3.5 million for the current year
the current status the current situation
the current issue of a magazine the latest issue of a magazine
in current use commonly used
→ The term "light pollution" is in current use only Among astronomers.

(Fig) (= Conflicting ideas, traditions) against the current m
→ the cross-currents Within the Conservative Party

current account
n (British) account m current

npl news f
→ the program was a mixture of current affairs, health and gardening
→ He Has a background in news and current affairs
→ He's not particularly interested in current affairs

current assets
npl (TRADE) active m available

current liabilities
npl (TRADE) liabilities m due to short-term

direct current
n (ELECTRICITY, ELECTRONICS) current m continuous

2004-10-05 13:37:57 by gross-polluters

Cheney energy task force

The current Republican effort to ram through its energy plan, a drive that follows a GOP pattern of using unrelated events to push its oil-industry driven agenda. The administration's energy proposals were outrageous and corrupt when first proposed, and make less sense now than they did then, if such a thing is possible. The reasons for this span from geopolitics to ecology, and together congeal into the central fact of the new century: how we choose to answer the Energy question will determine nothing less than the destiny of modern civilization. we increasing the amount of carbon gasses in the atmosphere and raising the earth's temperature

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