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Forum Europe Start up the Rimini Conference Centre with New Ideas New Ventures. The winners chosen from among 91 projects and 236 local participants

| 24 novembre 2012 of The Square | November 24, 2012

RIMINI - Will the young protagonists of this day off organized within the eleventh edition of New Ideas New Ventures, the event started in 2002 on the initiative of the Foundation Carim and subsequently Province of Rimini and the Republic of San Marino. E 'in this context that every year we reward young people with business ideas that stand out thanks to innovative and sustainable business plans evaluated by experts. To meet and get to know the appointment is the Forum "Europe Start Up" to be held Thursday, November 29th from the morning to the Congress Centre (participation in the Forum is free, but must be accredited by filling out the form on the website Are 30 groups of young entrepreneurs who will compete with their ideas and at the end of the day a jury will award the three most deserving a prize of 38 thousand euro. Expected to attract over 200 young people in the audience to hear testimonies of young successful entrepreneurs, the interventions of financial institutions (venture capitalists and business angels), science and technology parks, incubators, business plan competition organizers, university spin-offs. The day is organized by New Ideas New Ventures and promoted and supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini, Rimini Chamber of Commerce, San Marino Foundation Cassa di Risparmio SUMS, Confindustria Rimini, Uni.Rimini, Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of San Marino, University of the Republic of San Marino, San Marino Anis National Association of Industry.

The day's program. After the greetings "bilateral" of Italy and San Marino, are scheduled to speak of Antonio Tajani - Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship will be followed by Diana Bracco, vice president of Confindustria for Research and Innovation and Marco Bacchae, Head Special Project Research and Innovation, Confindustria Emilia Romagna.

Several themes under discussion: Innovation for Europe, policies and methodologies to encourage the creation of new innovative enterprises in the territories. On this subject, has been invited to speak Giuseppe Tripoli - Director of the Department of Enterprise and International Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development. A prenere the word Alessandro Fusacchia-Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development for European Affairs, youth and innovation. The topic "spin-off based on technological innovation" will be treated by Salvatore Torrisi, a professor of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Management, University of Bologna. Other interventions: Alessandro Giari - President APSTI (Italian Association of Science and Technology Parks), Jérôme Toulemonde - CDA of the 'World Association of World Trade Center - New York. In the afternoon we will start up on the specific issue of "The Start Up for the growth of the hospitality industry." Speech by Paolo Verri, urban and event planner, consultant strategic plan of Rimini. Follow the testimonies of young innovators. To coordinate the meeting Ruggero Frezza, President and Managing Director of M31 ITALY (Padua) and Advisor of M31 LLC (Santa Clara, California). Follow the awards ceremony at the eleventh Business Plan Competition 2012 "New Ideas New Ventures", with the delivery of three prizes (1st prize 20.000 €, 2nd prize € 12, 000, 3rd prize € 6, 000) and other awards and the launch of '2013 edition.

2008-10-07 15:38:43 by JustBe777

Young social entrepeneur is seeking investors!

I am seeking philanthropic investors to financially back either one or several of my business endevours which will help fund a non profit organization I'm involved in.
I have experience with marketing, promotions and event planning so creating awareness of these businesses will not be an issue for me. For me to launch the first business which will be a part of this social enterprise I would need $10,000 for capital to open an urban arts and resource center for the Lynn community. I have enough people who will support this cause and volunteer time and labor but we need to lay down the foundation for us to build up

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