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Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points Organizing an event in business demand for care. The event is not an end in itself. It is a good opportunity to maintain or improve the image of the company.Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points In fact, the reason does not matter, it is a pretext for advertising and possibly to strengthen the cohesion of the staff. As advertising Opération, nothing should be left to chance in the preparation of an event.

1 - Establishment of a committee

  • Constitution of the committee organizers.
  • Planning meetings to prepare.
  • Designation of authority to monitor compliance of the company (the highest authority on or delegate) regulation.

2 - Involve authorities

  • Formal approval of management.
  • Get a budget.
  • Inform the HSC with all the specific details (number, date, outside guests ...) and plan their visit to the compliance monitoring facilities.Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points
  • Or, provide the rental of rooms outside.

3 - Establish logistics

  • Book premises.
  • Book the caterer.
  • Book the bar service.
  • Book computer.
  • To the accommodation plan.
  • Ensure an audiovisual service.Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points
  • Communicating the event (posters, flyers, banners, newspaper ads ...).
  • Signage project.
  • Provide transportation if needed.
  • Notify the relevant departments for their participation.

4 - Flesh

  • Plan the event (using a Gantt chart) from the end date.
  • Finalize the budget list all costs.
  • Approval by the supervisory authority.
  • Create a website and prepare the paper documentation.

5 - Divide responsibilities

  • Secretariat: phone, mail, internet, photocopying ...
  • Enrollment management: reservations, payments, information ...
  • Communication Management Press.
  • Management of premises.
  • Management of the animation ...

6 - Last preparations

  • Be sponsored: finance or supply of equipment ...
  • Communicate the schedule of activities.
  • Stop the use of the premises.

7 - Start

  • Stop booking animation seminar or speaker if necessary.
  • Stop booking a caterer or organizer functions.
  • Start advertising.
  • Confirm dates to management.

8 - Maintain the press

Attract the attention of all media can.

9 - Provide schedules distractions

  • Show.
  • Dinner.
  • Occupation carers during workshops visits to monuments, museums, walks ...

10 - Booking of hotels

Hotels to compete for prizes based on the number of persons to be accommodated. Thinking to book different types of rooms.

Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points Procédure d'organisation d'évènement en 10 points

2007-03-21 09:01:36 by EventJobz

Event Planner Question

Hey, maybe if anyone is an Event Planner, (or an unemployed one) can help me out.
I have been in the event planning biz for about 10 years, however most of that is on my own, doing promotions and event for nightclubs in California. I was really good at it, made enough money to pay bills, (sometimes with a side temp job too).
My problem is, I have been to multiple job interviews, but cannot get past the first interview. I'm thinking that the problem here is two fold-1. Becuase I worked for myself, I dont have any "professional" event planning experience. 2. Since I worked in Entertainment, nightclubs, and the sort, some people are afraid of those...

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