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Each year honors Art Fund, a British Wohltätigkeitsorgansiation for museums and galleries, the Museum of the Year. For this year's election have already been confirmed, the ten finalists. This includes the Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow. The art gallery was reopened after extensive restoration work in 2006. The Kelvingrove Museum for the award of the Art Fund has twice been nominated this year it is the only Scottish Museum on the list. The prize is endowed with € 100, 000 and is the fourth Awarded in June 2013.

The Kelvingrove Museum is home to 22 different exhibitions with over 8, 000 objects - from Egyptian antiquities, on European art, as well textiles, glass art, jewelry, ceramics and metalwork. In addition to the inventory includes a unique collection histoischer weapons and armor. In the field of painting, especially the works of French Impressionism, Dutch and Scottish Renessaince artists can be seen.

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Contact at tmf for event planners and for the press:
Susanne Hertenberger
s.hertenberger @ tmf
0049 (0) 931 9002 110

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2009-09-09 13:12:33 by --------

I would plan now to get tables/booths and local

Arts and craft bazzars, holiday gifts sales, etc., etc...lots of churches and community organizations like Elks, Women's club, etc., have events set-up for holiday shopping.
the other thing to do is develop a solid marketing campaign targeting corporate clients for thank you gifts, etc. There's a whole corporate basket market out there.
What kind of advertising have you done so far?

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