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5 tips for organizing the best event that your company has seen Whatever the size of your business, sooner or later you will need to produce an event. The task is not difficult, but it is because of this that should be poorly planned and executed. A corporate event can become a great ally or a shot in the foot. If well organized, this marketing strategy can bring benefits as directed positive brand recognition and better relationship with the public. Instead, you can generate a dislike and years of work to reverse the situation.

Split 6 important tips that will direct you in producing a corporate event, especially if you're no expert.

1. Define your strategy - The briefing

There are events and events. To plan how will your company, you need to first of all define your strategy. What the public want to achieve? If guests are external (clients or suppliers), you need to focus on strengthening the relationship and thus provide as much information as possible about the company. In the case of the event can be directed to the domestic audience, you need to focus on motivation, learning moments and relaxation to generate an internal environment favorable to their business. Remember, motivated employees is a key to success. With a cool event they feel prestigious and important to the company.

Summarize information, identifying the essential elements for the organization of action. This is called Briefing. Position themselves clearly will prevent damage and inefficiency of action. Consider: General and specific objectives; central theme of the event, time anticipation for achievement; Duration, Number of guests, human and physical resources involved; Space which will take place, associated costs, marketing and advertising the event (form of invitation and media to be used).

2. Plan ahead

After defining your briefing, it's time to plan. Try to start this task as soon as possible, prioritizing and respecting deadlines bureaucratic (licenses, permits, insurance, etc.), if any. Among the tasks to be performed during the planning are:

  • Quotes with suppliers known or indicated;
  • Choose calmly partners and suppliers, especially if your event is require decorating services, food, gifts, etc.;
  • In case of large companies, check which departments will be involved in the organization and anticipate requests with deadlines (document the process, even if it's via e-mail);
  • Book in advance and hire (venue, equipment needed, etc.). Until then you will have to have done a survey of all your needs (talk to interlocutors): microphones, projectors, computers, wi-fi, screen, printer, etc;
  • Define the programmatic content of your event, speakers and participants. For this choice, keep in mind the audience you want to reach;
  • Check that there is no incompatibility between dates;
  • Prepare all the graphics for the event: invitation, banners, flyers, certificates, badges, folders, printing presentations, among others;
  • Think of disclosure: the need to create a hot site, mobilization via social networking, internal communications, among others. Look for a specialist and also read our article on disclosure ;
  • Worry about the participants who come from another city, and help them with lodging and transportation, or providing information that is clear;
  • Set the type of food suitable for the location and temperature. Do not forget to provide water and coffee for guests throughout the event.

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