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Crackers vie their attacks in small business | your micro insurance malware Study reveals that small and medium sized organizations are preferred when it comes to digital scam The focus of cybercriminals in 2012 were companies - especially smaller ones. In the last year, an increase of 42% in the number of targeted attacks in the world, something generally used for industrial espionage and theft of confidential information. Of the total, 31% were watching calls SME (small and medium enterprises) with up to 250 employees, compared to 18% in 2011. The data was released by Symantec in an event held in Las Vegas in the United States this April. According to the company, the little ones are highlighted because even growing rapidly usually do not give due attention to safety issues. Web-based attacks rose 30% last year, and the technique "Watering Hole" was preferred by scammers. In such cases, a website or blog frequently visited by potential victims is infected and when the person performs access, a charge is directed installed on your machine. In 2012, the group Elderwood, who invented the technique, infected 500 companies in one day, taking advantage of security holes of smaller organizations to get the big companies, which generally have stronger systems. Formed a chain, so the manufacturing sector was most struck: contractors are more vulnerable and have ownership of intellectual property belonging to the largest - the ultimate goal. Both executives are no longer the main target, leading the researchers (27%), followed by sales professionals (24%) - both holders of information. Known enemy When it comes to malicious websites, it is curious to note that most of them (61%) is actually composed of legitimate addresses that were infected. Among the favorite targets last year were corporate websites, technology and shopping. Before, these addresses were used to sell fake antivirus, but now a threat named Ransomware is gaining attention by being used to infect internet, lock their equipment and thus ensure ransom to criminals. The malicious ads have gained ground, too. A malicious banner, for example, can infect Internet users at the time of the click. "The bad guys are getting more sophisticated, " said Steve Bennett, president and CEO of the company. Mobile and social hazard Symantec warned that mobile devices, particularly the Android-powered, offer increasingly common risks to consumers and corporate. "We are seeing more movement focused on mobility and social media, " said Bennett. The incidence of mobile malware increased 58% in 2012, 32% of which they intended to steal information such as phone numbers and e-mail. The Google operating system had fewer vulnerabilities, but it was what was most threats. IOS, Apple had more loopholes, but only a threat discovery. The security company says the open platform and market share of Android work as attractive to criminals. Thanks to David and Luke, friends and colleagues of his micro insurance, by reference to this news. Source: Digital Look

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2004-08-25 11:37:05 by ak78

Corporate Event Planning

I have been in the advertising industry for about 3 years now. I am considering a position as event planning supervisor for a large communications firm. I would be implementing/managing events for a large electronics client. I was wondering if someone can provide some helpful insight on a role like this --- as well as how this position could be a launch pad for other marketing opportunities? What is the normal growth pattern for someone in event planning?

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Celtic Glass Designs Gift Bag (Large) in a Celtic Eternity Knot Design (Black)
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  • Celtic Glass Designs create significant and expressive gifts designed by Beverley Gallagher.
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Sea Gems Pill Box (large size) in a Mackintosh Ring of Roses Design
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  • Celtic Glass Designs presents Sea Gems stunning range of Pens, Compact Mirrors and Pill Boxes in Celtic and Mackintosh Designs.
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  • see product listings for other designs in our pill boxes range; Our range of pill boxes is ideal for corporate and special events. If you are planning an event...
  • Beverley Gallagher of Celtic Glass Designs specialises in hand painted Celtic, Contemporary and Mackintosh-styled glassware and matching table linen
INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals: Principles, Problems and Practice (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics)
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