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Team ITU celebrates five-year anniversary at Auckland World Cup

Sydney (EFE). - The founder of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, released today its storage site " Mega ", the first anniversary of his arrest in New Zealand following being accused of hacking by U.S. authorities. The entry into service of Mega, Dotcom said to the local press, "would not have been possible" without the closure of Megaupload because "no one in right now in the business of storing files can upgrade your website and be like us."

A few hours after the occurrence of the official launch of Mega, Dotcom said through his Twitter account that the website had 250, 000 registered users though access was difficult, apparently, due to the significant traffic. "250, 000 registered users. The server is at its maximum load capacity. Improve when the initial excitement calms down, " said Dotcom, who also said his team were trying to improve access.

"The guys are working on balancing the load, " he said.
"Mega", which in Spanish is touted as "the largest privacy society, better, faster, stronger and safer" - offers new users 50 gigabytes (GB) of free storage, email services and name domains, access via phone and instant messaging.

Besides the free membership, Mega offers three storage services from 400 GB to 8 terabytes (TB), with prices ranging from 19.99 to 29.99 per month (26.63 to 39.95 U.S. dollars) . The new portal Dotcom is characterized by a sophisticated system to encrypt files because you have multiple servers in different countries.

For this, the portal has been associated Dotcom companies EuroDNS, based in Luxembourg, and Instra the Digiweb New Zealand with offices in Auckland and Melbourne, to "secure encrypted file sharing on cloud storage (virtual)" , according to a press release issued by Mega.

Mega operators will not have access to the material that users upload, which again prevents them from being held accountable for alleged crimes against copyright, state television reported Zealand.

Mega portal entered service at 06.48 local time (17.48 GMT Saturday), at which marked one year since security forces broke into the luxurious New Zealand Dotcom mansion just outside of Auckland, to stop in response to a request from the American FBI. In that operation Dotcom and three associates were arrested, the United States closed Megaupload and were confiscated goods, computer accounts of German living in New Zealand, and other arrests were made in Europe.

Currently Dotcom and his three partners await, on parole in New Zealand, the start of the extradition process requested by the United States, which has been postponed until next August. U.S. accuses Megaupload of causing more than $ 500 million in losses to the film industry and music to violate copyrights and thereby obtain a profit of $ 175 million.

Dotcom, who is serving 39 years on Monday, said his main fear is that if he and his lawyers manage to win the case, U.S. authorities "seek to find something else (against)". The German computer reiterated at a press conference that is the target of a chase and said that developing the project launch Megakey, a product that aims to revolutionize online advertising.

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