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9101962630 1b69ed3921 Grandi eventi? ...Emozioni che rompono le regoleGiada Michetti and Virginia Raffaele at the Bologna Motor Show 2012

A few days ago the registrations in Europe have confirmed that the car market has suffered a further decline of 5.9%.In Italy, in particular,the automotive world is suffering for years now and the month of May of 2013,compared to that of 2012,again recorded a decline in auto sales of 7.5%. This figure is notorious to all ...

However,as we have said many times,does not mean that car manufacturers will cease to communicate or participate in the main dining rooms.

I hope you will forgive the pedantry,I know that we speak of "insiders" but I would still remember that Saloni, within the OICA calendar,are divided into two groups: the first includes an annual basis,the Geneva Motor Show,essential and perfect for its neutrality and geographic centrality and,every two years, alternately,Frankfurt and Paris.Frankfurt,thanks to industry Teutonic solid and powerful,is not afraid of no one,while Paris might have a few surprises in the near future,in line with the progress of the French automobile market (- 10.3%).

The second band is part of the Bologna Motor Show, but they were also included to London,Birmingham,Barcelona,​​Madrid,Amsterdam ...

Let us dwell for a moment on the two Salons British,because I would like to highlight some opposite results.London,for example,at the beginning of the crisis has lost its historic salon,but previously had lost even his most important producers.The Germans took over from BMW or Volkswagen and the Indian Tata,today the UK rose by 4.3%,an increase consistent with the trend of the global automotive market (+11%),also favored by a different taxation.9099925513 2969731e84 Grandi eventi? ...Emozioni che rompono le regole

Since the crisis in 2008 were canceled the show in Birmingham and London,but has consolidated more and more the Goodwood Festival.For what reason?

Bologna Motor Show 2011

Besides the beautiful location (after all,Royal Ascot racecourse is better Capannelle or San Siro and is certainly better attended!) The reasons are essentially two: the Festival of Lord March,a great lover and creator of the Festival,not requires equipment pharaoh Corporate Brand,which constitute over 70% of the costs of participation in a salon first band.

The second reason is that the Goodwood Festival, as well as to expose the product with light fittings,has a versatile format,allows you to do test drives,dynamic activities,is based on 'interaction with the audience,the passion for the sport,participation of players in this world,engagement,and in general on the concept "emotions breaking the rules".
This philosophy is one that over the last 23 years of my life,as well as in 15 above,I've seen achieve the Bologna Motor Show.
I emphasize with pride that we have done everything possible to overcome the difficulties from 2009 to today,while maintaining our mission,which is to create the largest automotive event in our country.

We are aware of the difficulties of the period and record that car manufacturers are participating in a variety of events not only related to their area. The look look from time to time "contamination" with decor,fashion,food,fairs or events unknown to the devices which does not always match the appropriate expertise.

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