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As a national charity, the Canadian Liver Foundation depends entirely on the generosity of Canadians as well as the corporate sponsors and the federal, provincial and local governments to fund our research and education. These are the people that can unlock the doors leading to strategies for prevention, treatment and - hopefully - healing. Donations, bequests, sponsorships and scholarships to help give the keys to those who can make us cross the new thresholds. To find out how you can support the FCF, please visit our Donate . Direct marketing program Whether phone calls, mail or personal visits, direct marketing programs of the FCF have one thing in common - they provide opportunities for personal conversations with our donors. The decision to give a charity is very personal. By telling the stories of patients and affected by liver disease families, we can show our donors how they can reach out and get things done in a very personal way. Through the generous support of Canadians from coast to another, we were able to expand our program fellowship encouraging a greater number of researchers to continue their studies on the liver. We also launched new prevention programs and introduced professional and public education to a wider audience our initiatives. Without our loyal donors, none of this would have been possible.

For more information about our grant programs, please click here .

: La Fondation canadienne du foie travaille avec des sociétés qui nous aident dans nos activités et traitement de nos levées de fonds. NOTE: The Canadian Liver Foundation is working with companies that help us in our activities and treatment of our fundraising. For example, there is a telemarketing company, as a third party, which conducts fundraising campaigns on our behalf on the phone several times a year. Calls can come from different numbers depending on where you live and those who call mention Canadian Health Vision, Vision Health TRG or during the call. If you have any questions or comments about calls or correspondence, or if you want your name removed from our mailing list or calls, please call 1 800 563-5483 or

Companies - especially those with a large number of employee (s) - can not escape the impact of liver disease. Lost productivity, absenteeism and increased costs of benefits are just some of the consequences of a diagnosis of liver disease was raised in a (e) of their employee (s) or members of their families. Key Life provides an opportunity for these organizations to play an active role in promoting prevention and research of cures and treatments. For example, a company that agrees to sponsor a major fellowship, not only demonstrates the high priority it attaches to the health of the employee (s) but also demonstrates its commitment to deliver to the community by giving the hope for the future.

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Record fundraisers, record attack ads!

Hope n change people!
This is what you bought and paid for Obama voters!
The president has attended more fundraisers and been quicker to air ads attacking his likely fall opponent than most of his modern predecessors, records shows.
Though the president isn't officially kicking off his re-election campaign until this weekend, he already released two ads portraying presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney as a corporate raider, fat cat and serial outsourcer of American jobs

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As vice president of the Utah County chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Dee performs at schools, corporate events, fundraisers and parties as well as helps clients stop smoking, lose weight and reduce stress.

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Events Done Bright Lighting options
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