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Panoramica della discoteca di Bergamo AnimaeCorpo, when poetry becomes music, when the show stays with you. AnimaeCorpo shakes his body, touches the soul.
All that is trivial I do not like. Each event I want it to be like the first time, one in which everything seems to take color ... you will leave it to my instinct to synchronize the beat of each song, awakening my senses, I go back to have fun, to amaze me.
Maybe then I had already seen it all. The evenings dell'AnimaeCorpo completely different music, a whole different flavor.

Evenings dell'AnimaeCorpo of Caversham (Bergamo)

Saturday is the night where the locals are pretty much all full of kids, Body and Soul finally offers a different product, if turning the evening you wondered where the hell they go to dance companies thirties, you now have an answer: Body and Soul!
A fun, easy but elegant, fresh yet sophisticated, chic but regular, disco AnimaeCorpo is a breath of fresh air into the nightlife of Bergamo and its province, which incidentally is seeing rampant development in recent years.

AnimaeCorpo a club is equipped with a real privè, as those once. A real world apart, a place in the room.

There are two evenings dell'AnimaeCorpo, as two are your souls. The first is that of the Club, the adult public and commercial house music, with an animation sought and almost fanatical attention to. They are in fact specific theme parties with a lot of construction of the entire room. The main hall, surrounded by tables, embraces the track topped by a central bar and a tasty balcony where beautiful girls dancing.

The second soul is that of catering, care, essential, always fresh and always varies. Each week, the chef prepares different dishes, because the experience AnimaeCorpo never become commonplace, so much so that many of the customers come back for dinner for the whole season. To add value to the papillary, the restaurant also features live music and entertainment.

The union of two souls is also a perfect location for hen hen / stag , business dinners and other events.


Thursday: DJ'S: ERWIN (Resident) & Special GuestVoice: TOMMY
SabatoDj'S: RALLO (Resident) + Teo Sartori / RICHY & Special GuestVoice: LIVIO DALLAS / MAX Bertanza

Programming Fixed summer 2012

Throughout the summer 2012 (except the break to mid-August) ANIMAECORPO opens every Saturday evening as the restaurant + disco and every Sunday evening as an aperitif with buffet dinner + disco!

The evening of Sunday the 19:00 with a buffet from appetizers to desserts included for dining and dancing since dall'aperitivo! Closed on Sundays at 01:00.

Prices on Saturday AnimaeCorpo

Entry on the list and not

Admission with drink:

  • Man € 12.00 before 01:15 hours
  • Man € 15.00 after 01:15 PM
  • Woman € 10.00 after the hours of 00:30

Reduced admission with drink (In list before 1:15):

  • Man € 10.00
  • Woman € 8.00

Tables at the disco

  • € 120.00 per bottle with 3 Pass gift for each bottle

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