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Thanks to all circles in Taiwan birdwatchers alike!

Dingzong Su (National Taiwan University, Associate Professor, Department of Forestry and Resource), Fang Weihong (Department of Medical Technology, Associate Professor at National Taiwan University, Taiwan, the Asian Waterbird wetland area convenor Bird Society of Taiwan on behalf of the East, "birds of Taiwan Chi" co-author), Wang Jian was (Southern Taiwan Association nature photographer, former Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society president), Ruan Jinsong (Corp. Taipei Wild Bird Society), Wu Jianlong (veteran bird), Lin Yaoguo (Wilderness Protection Association honorary chairman), Feng pair (Taipei Wild Bird Society crest journal editors), Pan Zhiyuan (black Phi Phi, a fellow member of Tainan Bird, Bird Watching Nature Photography Center website edition moderator), Luo Meiyu (Taiwan Wild Bird Association)

◎ "San Francisco Chronicle", "National Geographic Adventure Channel", "Los Angeles Daily News, " "Denver Post", "Entertainment Weekly, " "Publishers Weekly, " "Miami Herald", "bird magazine" "Audubon magazine", "Los Angeles Times", "book list" and other major media strongly recommended!

◎ Amazon reader 4.6 star rating!

"Bird-watchers often concerned with environmental issues related to avian ecology. Perhaps for environmental issues over the top of conservationists who will not agree to spend a lot of fossil fuels, so that" carbon footprint "as the practice of rare birds running around, but To put it bluntly, Bird watching is also a tour Tour event, and replaced with universal standards, tourism is a legitimate leisure activities, bird watching is a kind of both intellectual and emotional tourism activities, the most enthusiastic of this channel will convert it a race, the more this activity adds to the fun.

From the book, see the last part of their presence. Individuals had participated in the domestic bird watching contest, studying in the USA a few years, involved several Christmas Bird Survey, who travel around the world experience different birds. In the world of bird-watching, so I had the opportunity to get to know the blues bird watching hobby, including nobility, Nobel laureate, entrepreneurs, well-known presenters, including the public wells and ignorant men, man in the street; depth experience a leisure hobby, really can enrich your life, this book is distinctly breakdown of many vivid examples.

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CNN promotes ignorance in the US

Americans (the term used here to mean US citizens) are, by the masses, a dumb and ignorant lot, speaking in general, compared to other populations from around the world. Americans are also arrogant (ask any one who is not American). But this is partly the result of Americans not having any respectable news media. The closest contender for the title, CNN, falls short by miles. Here's an example why:
CNN's Pakistan Bias
Rajiv Malhotra ~ Jan 11, 2002
Comments (173)
Many Indians and Western scholars are deeply disappointed by CNN's coverage of events in Afghanistan and the recent India-Pakistan tensions. CNN's top journalists and anchor persons, including Wolf Blitzer and Christiane Amanpour, seem frozen in a Cold War geopolitical mindset.

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