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The spectacular hotel, designed by Foster & Partners, also competes Award for "Best Hospitality Architecture", and even the 'Best Interior Architecture "at the European Hotel Design Awards

, a mais recente inauguração da marca ME by Meliá, criada pela Meliá Hotels International , está na final da premiação European Hospitality Awards 2012, que reconhece ano após ano os maiores destaques da indústria hoteleira europeia e mundial. SAO PAULO, Aug. 12, 2013 / PRNewswire / - The ME London, the most recent inauguration of the ME by Meliá brand, created by Meliá Hotels International is the end of the ceremony European Hospitality Awards 2012, which recognizes the greatest year after year Highlights of the hotel industry in Europe and worldwide. Gabriel Escarrer, president and founder of the Company, was awarded in 2011 with the famous "Lifetime Achievement" award, an award for his outstanding professional career ahead of most Spanish hotel chain in the world.

Winners will be announced at a Gala Night in London, which will be the presentation of awards, the 10th of November. With a jury of experienced personalities in the industry, the European Hospitality Awards is designed to recognize the most significant contributions to the hotel industry in various aspects. foi o hotel que obteve o maior número de indicações, tais como: de "Inauguração do Ano" – tratando-se de uma nova construção -; "Melhor Suíte de hotel" - por sua Suíte ME e "Inovação do Ano" - pelo Aura Service . In this sense, the ME London was the hotel that got the most nominations, such as: the "Opening of the Year" - in the case of a new building -; "Best Hotel Suite" - by his suite and ME "Innovation of the Year "- by Aura Service.

abriu oficialmente nos primeiros meses de 2013, e em pouco tempo se posicionou entre os mais atrativos e inovadores hotéis de um mercado tão exigente como é o de Londres. The ME London officially opened in early 2013, and soon stood among the most attractive and innovative hotels in a market as demanding as is London. The resort has hosted the best social and corporate events in the British capital, turning into a "must be" for lovers of after-work. For this, the hotel has spaces such as roof top bar Radio, with the best views of the city, Marconi Lounge, inspired by the origins of the building that belonged to the historic seat of the "Marconi House" (BBC), and the restaurants STK and Cucina Assellina.

surge como um hotel esplêndido, na cosmopolita cidade de Londres, e oferece aos clientes um serviço acolhedor de forma exclusiva garantido uma experiência hoteleira sofisticada e única. Merging its exceptional location in Covent Garden with the striking architecture of Foster & Partners, and sophisticated culture and service standards own brand ME by Meliá, ME London emerges as a splendid hotel in the cosmopolitan city of London, and offers customers a friendly service exclusively secured a sophisticated and unique hotel experience.

After learning of the three directions of the hotel to the European Hospitality Awards, and received two nominations for the European Hotel Design Awards, Vice President of Meliá, Gabriel Escarrer, was convinced that "absolutely unique with this hotel, the Meliá intensifies its commitment to the UK market and reaffirms his faith in the potential of London ".

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Chomsky on the World Social Forum

Interviewing Chomsky
Preparatory to Porto Alegre
Compiled from diverse email and radio interviews in the week before the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
Why have you decided to participate in the WSF? What do you think of it?
Two meetings are taking place pretty much at same time. One is the Davos meeting of 'the masters of the universe,' to borrow the term used by the world's leading business journal, the London Financial Times, when they met a year ago. The term was presumably used with a touch of irony, but it is rather accurate. The second is the World Social Forum (WSF) meeting in Porto Alegre, bringing together representatives of popular organizations throughout the world whose conception of what the world needs is rather different from that of the masters....

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