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Here they are, finally, the data that the meetings industry British impatiently awaited, those that apply in the face of institutions, the official status of the productive sector that contributes to national GDP of 58.4 billion pounds (nearly € 68 billion). Were presented yesterday, as part of the first edition of The Meetings Show UK going on in London, the data of the first UKEIS (United Kingdom Economic Impact Study) , the study of the economic value of the sector conducted by the Leeds Metropolitan University in accordance with the methodology UNWTO, the tourism agency that operates within the United Nations. The study, sponsored by the MPI Foundation and sponsored by a group of 16 British operators in the chain of events was started over a year and a half ago with the data for 2011 and now provides results comparable to those of similar studies already conducted, with the same methodology, in Canada, USA, Mexico, Denmark and Australia.

The UKEIS investigated not only the offer, but also the demand of events, with the aim to measure the dimensions of "classic" of the sector (number of events and participants, types of clients, locations used and so on) but especially to quantify the impact on the economy, employment and taxes paid to the state.

With a contribution to the national Liberal Party of 58.4 billion pounds, which amounts to approximately 2.9% of the total, the British sector of the events is confirmed as the 16th productive sector of the country. Generate 515mila direct jobs, twice as many as in the telecommunications sector, and as many indirect: Overall, the study says, the meetings industry are attributable British 1 million full-time jobs. The fees collected for activities related to the sub-fund were quantified at 21.1 billion pounds.

A beautiful card with which the sector can now approach the politics and institutions asking interventions and investments needed to advance the development: the sense of the study is precisely to "normalize" the events industry, giving it an economic, exactly as in every country so to all productive sectors, so that the legislators, locally and nationally, can be aware of and orient their policies accordingly.

A speech very topical in Italy, where for years we try to give an economic dimension to the sector: the Italian Congress Observatory Federcongressi & events, to date the only tool that measures the sector nationwide, lacks the sensing portion of the impact statement. The only attempt to do so, on the initiative of Federcongressi, was made ​​in 2004 as part of the Observatory, with a portion of the additional study that was estimated at € 24 billion the value of the fund.

Hatch Games Limited:  London, England (1981) James Clavell's Noble House - The Family Game of Trading and Dealmaking in Hong Kong's World of High Finance
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2001-09-20 13:33:28 by johnvance

Peoples Bark News Berkeley

Inkworks Press has created 2 windowsigns ----
'Justice, not Vengeance/Let us not become the evil that we deplore' and 'Hate Free Community/Stop Racist Attacks.'
We've also made flyers of Barbara Lee's speech before congress on 9/14 under the headline 'Barbara Lee Speaks for Me, and Millions More'.
These materials are available at Inkworks now, 2827 7th Street, Berkeley. We request a donation if possible to defray expenses and to print more, but it's not necessary. Our purpose is to get them into
circulation. We will reprint bulk orders at cost.
You will find the links to these flyers on the website below (in
jpeg and pdf format).
Take care, and be safe,
the Inkworks Collective
2827 Seventh Street
Berkeley CA 94710...

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