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by Nuria Alvarez Lombardero (UK) - Wednesday, December 19, 2012 To mark the program's annual symposium organized by the Urban Age cities program at the London School of Economics held in London on 6 and 7 December under the title "Electric City" ( ) is presented the new British government's plan for London: the construction of a new technology center known as Silicon Roundabout ( ). This project is part of the government's proposal last November under the name of East London Tech City gets a technological city East London driven by an initial budget of 1 million pounds by the Technology Strategy Board invests annually in innovation for the country ( .)

During the lecture, about how the combination of technology innovation and environmental global crisis affecting urban society, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the Government will make £ 50 million project to regenerate this area around the Old Street roundabout in East London Street through the creation of a "civic space" for new business running (startups) as a strategy to provide the country with technological equipment globally competitive. This strategy is supported by the City of London itself as London Mayor Boris Johnson commented then as the new center will provide "not only vital equipment coming technology that will nourish and creative stars from around the world, but also direct large capital investments and help create thousands of jobs (in the city).

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom presenting the project in the lecture series Electric City.

The location of this new creative technology business center caters to the new center of the city which lies from the opening and development of the Olympic area closer to the east of the city. The roundabout at the confluence of the streets of Old Street and City Road, and part of the shaft that separates the Islington neighborhood of Hackney, has become in recent years not only in the epicenter of all new small businesses and initiatives but also a new kernel for public transport form the link between the east and west of the city with its subway station and many bus stops around.

Aerial image of Old Street roundabout where you placed Silicon Roundabout

The building was presented as a "common civic center" (civic commons), a physical representation of the digital space and online open source representing internet network that seeks innovation in architectural design through Londoner office proposal Architecture 00 :/ ( ). This architectural solution consists of a series of educational classrooms, an auditorium for 400 people, exhibition spaces and events shared workspaces low cost and shared workshops with specific machinery, such as 3D printers for use by the new businesses that are and the remainder of the community. The building will have 15 to 20 employees and an ability to train about 10, 000 students in the areas of business and coding (coding). The space to advertisers that currently exists in the roundabout will be relocated to an external structure that will become a screen for ads. In the words of Prime Minister this building will be a "threshold entry point for everyone, from the international investor teenage Londoner who wants an opportunity to turn your idea into a new business."

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Inkworks Press has created 2 windowsigns ----
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