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The main resources for finding work in London are:

  • Job center (the equivalent office INEM). You can see their ads in their offices or on the Internet. They also offer advice on career opportunities, grants, business information by sector, etc.. More information on their official website .
  • Web Pages. In addition to sites like Monster , Totaljobs or Reed or Gumtree no pages that specialize in jobs that require a foreign language. Some of them are:
  • In the pages of the companies themselves. Almost all large companies or organizations have a vacant section in its website. Worth a look.
  • At job fairs (career fairs). In London there are many many different specialized topics: business, languages, volunteering, education, etc.. It is a good place to find companies that interest you while getting information about what they want. Most are free and are advertised in newspapers or libraries. These are some of the most interesting:

  • Contact the supplier and offer to practice or some place of interest ..
  • In agencies from Spain. By payment of an amount they will seek accommodation and work. They can be useful if you want to come with the security of a home and something to earn some money but we recommend you try searching references.

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LONDON - A motor scooter in Manchester, an apartment in Amsterdam, a poster in Paris. All are available via Craigslist, an online bulletin board that presents a new challenge to the established players in the estimated $100 billion global market for classified advertising.
Craigslist was started 10 years ago by Craig Newmark, an Internet pioneer in San Francisco, as a way of keeping friends up to date on events in the Bay Area. It spread through the United States before going international in 2003, with sites in London and Toronto. The expansion accelerated in late 2004 with a flurry of sites, including ones for Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney

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