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While some airlines move away from trade or prefer to limit their actions to the group of top ten sellers, leading them to awards around the world and forgetting actions for the rest of the travel agents, operators, consolidators, others, such as Iberia, when launching a product, do the right thing. To celebrate and promote the new flight to the Northeast, Madrid directors were in Brazil and met with the trade in Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and Recife, with the northeastern cities were also representatives from neighboring capitals.

Had dinner vip for a few, but larger events. The company invested, made noise, fulfilled protocols and has a partnership with the trade. It was the right time to invest and Iberia do know.

The year is just beginning and suppliers already know where your money is: announcements, events themselves, event operators, niche events, incentives, campaigns, actions with companies and traditional fairs. Ultimately, it is these latter (fairs) that the more losers.

Instead of being one of the boys, companies are preferring more focused actions. "We have no money" excuse for a bad seller or a seller donkey. All have money, only changed the way you spend it and bet on different relationships with the customer. Who has money does not grow 6% plus 10% commission ... Or do parties or actions guys with just one customer or partner ... Like Iberia decided to invest in three cities to talk about his new flight, others also depart to the same path . Look Delta chose to do an action to the Journal PANROTAS only in the Midwest. The company's focus is to publicize its hub in Brasília. Left for something different and focused.

Think about it, big fairs, major events. The world has changed ... Each supplier is doing what he thinks is right and most suitable for your brand? Try to think like them and not like always thought ...

Congratulations to Iberia and his team for this week Spanish in Brazil.

And we repeat Carmen dancing frevo, as was beautiful in Recife.

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Cruel Sea
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Next step for the radical right is revolution

The far right wing has been laying the groundwork for violent action for decades. Long before they turn dangerous, political and religious groups take their first step down that road by adopting a worldview that justifies eventual violent action. The particulars of the narrative vary, but the basic themes are always the same. First: their story is apocalyptic, insisting that the end of the world as we've known it is near. Second: it divides the world into a Good-versus-Evil/Us-versus-Them dualism that encourages the group to interpret even small personal, social, or political events as major battles in a Great Cosmic Struggle -- a habit of mind that leads the group to demonize anyone who disagrees with them

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