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An interview with Mathieu Potte-Bonneville , philosopher, chairman of the Joint Meeting of the International College of Philosophy on the history and future of this institution that thirty years.

The International College of Philosophy celebrates thirty years of its inception in 1983. Paradoxically, it is in part the result of a post-sixty-eighter soil who fought the institution in general. How do we reconcile this with the original, in fact, has become an institution? Rather than assume that swing between hate everything institution or defend better that the college was initially thought as a para-institutional forum . It is not exactly on the side of the state, or just civil society. To borrow an expression of one of its founders, the philosopher Jacques Derrida (with Jean-Pierre Faye and Dominique Lecourt François Châtelet), there is an "extra" in the French academic geography ... Since its birth it came to program a machine to integrate never integrate. This makes both the fragility but also the interest. This thirty provides an excellent opportunity to identify a period of philosophy poorly understood, while the French philosophy remains heavily identified with the year 1960/1970. Félix Guattari spoke of "winter years" that would follow this period of glory which unjustly frozen things. In fact, many events had a philosophical impact between 1983 and 2013: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the discovery of HAART on AIDS, September 11, the debt crisis, etc.. The history of thought continued to be confused with the history itself.

What is the prehistory of the International College of Philosophy? By the late 1970s. Jacques Derrida meets the Research Group for the teaching of philosophy (GREPH) and, in 1979, the States General of philosophy. This active group or activist thought to overcoming of philosophy. It remained in effect confined to the secondary class terminal. The GREPH felt that this focus buckled at the same time the philosophy itself. From there came the idea of strengthening the movement between high school and college and involve philosophy much earlier in the curriculum. Move the boundaries of philosophy in high school, it was also questioning the educational institution, educational and even the practice of philosophy. Today things have become a confusing banality but were not at the time. At the end of presidency of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the value of philosophy was rather a thematic left and besides, it was included in the proposals of the candidate Mitterrand. However the proposals GREPH aroused oppositions in philosophical corporation itself. French philosophy is concerned therefore that the moves the framework defined by Victor Cousin in the nineteenth century.

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